Chocolate Ricotta Mousse

Chocolate Ricotta Mousse | Kitchen Gidget

I have to confess how this recipe came to be: I’m a Nutella lover and recently a new chocolate-almond spread by a famous company hit the shelves at my grocery store. After several weeks, I finally succumbed to the temptation and had to try it. I like almonds even more than I like hazelnuts so I had high expectations…and huge disappointment after one spoonful. It was wayyyy too sweet for my taste and sadly lacking in almond flavor. I hated to waste it so I began brainstorming ways to cut the sugar, thinking all the while of how nothing compares to Nutella… That’s when my mind jumped to another Italian ingredient: ricotta cheese. Perfect!

Chocolate Ricotta Mousse | Kitchen Gidget

This recipe is so easy. You can use your favorite chocolate spread (Nutella!) and adjust the quantities based on your needs. You can dress it up for a fancy dessert or eat it straight out of the bowl–for breakfast–like I did. :-)

Chocolate Ricotta Mousse | Kitchen Gidget

Chocolate Ricotta Mousse


  • 2 parts ricotta cheese
  • 1 part chocolate spread
  • Chocolate for garnish, if desired


Fold the ricotta into the chocolate spread. Taste and adjust according to taste. Serve in individual dishes and garnish with chocolate, if desired.

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